A Carolina Classic... Elevated


High in flavor and rich in tradition, Leonard’s has the sweet and tangy notes you’ll find in a Lexington-style sauce, but finishes with a pleasant surprise of pepper and heat. The perfect balance of robust ingredients and savory spices allows for a wide range of culinary applications. [sg_popup id=214]



…You won’t want to barbecue without Leonard’s and it will have you licking your fingers.
Jim Gossen
President & CEO of Louisiana Fine Foods / Chairman, Louisiana Food Global Seafood Source

Bold, Yet Versatile

Leonard's Carolina BBQ livens up everything it touches with its sweet, tangy flavor and spicy finish.


Beef up your brisket, short ribs, and burgers


Pig out on smoked pork shoulder, whole hog, and ribs


Set flight to your chicken wings, tenders, and favorite poultry


Let your fish, shrimp, and crabs ride the tidal wave of flavor

veg 2

No meat? No Problem. Apply this gem to all your grilled veggies and dippable delights.

When I first tried the sauce I immediately knew this was award-winning and would be seen in the BBQ competition scene soon. Our go-to for pulled pork and ribs.
Ronnie Romero
Award-Winning BBQ Competitor and Owner of RAKS BBQ Supply and Slow Rolling Smoke
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“Diesel” Dan Leonard, Creator

A Family Tradition, Reborn

From Roots to Retail

“Diesel” Dan Leonard, patriarch of the Leonard family and creator of Leonard’s Carolina BBQ finishing sauce, grew up in Lexington, NC, the BBQ capitol of the world. Dan, and the Lexington town folk, were indoctrinated with two BBQ principles – wood smoked pork and “dip.” Dip, in western NC, is a vinegar-based sauce used throughout the smoking process, as well as a condiment on BBQ plates in the region. For years, “Diesel” Dan wanted to create a thicker, more versatile sauce, one that would be used to finish any kind of meat or fish. In 1996, after many years of trial and error, “Diesel” Dan finally perfected his homemade BBQ finishing sauce. The Leonard family and their close friends enjoyed this amazing sauce for decades, meanwhile the public had no idea what they were missing.

The wait was finally over when the Leonard family’s next generation decided that America had waited long enough, and Leonard’s Carolina BBQ was born. We hope that you enjoy our family tradition on pulled pork, chicken, ribs, brisket and anything else that makes your mouth water. As “Diesel” Dan always said, “Great barbecue is about two things — Passion and Patience.” So go on, America – put some passion into your grilling, be patient, and FINISH STRONG!

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